Using castor oil packs for gut health & liver detox

Castor oil is an amazing oil and has many uses and benefits from your head to your toes. I’m gemz founder of glolifewellness and I would like to share with you just a few of the best uses of this oil and where I get my stash of products to create my own products that are all cruelty free and vegan friendly

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Or read more to find out what castor oil can be used for below

Hair Care
Add a couple of drops of Castor to your shampoo for a shine boost. Why not try making your own nourishing hair mask? Combine 30ml of Castor, 10ml of Argan Jojoba and 8 drops of Peppermint Oil for a refreshing, moisturising hair treatment. Massage a few drops into your hair and scalp, leave for at least 30 minutes then wash. Top tip – massage shampoo into your hair before you wet it, as this works as an emulsifier and help rinse out the oil more effectively.

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Blend with another carrier oil and use as an all over body moisturiser for silky smooth, hydrated skin. We recommend something light like Sweet Almond or Hemp Seed Oil.

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Eyelashes and brows
Keep your brows on fleek by massaging a little Castor on them before you go to bed. Use a mascara brush or a cotton bud to coat your lashes too.

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Make your own massage blend by combining with another carrier oil and your favourite essential oils. We recommend Sweet Almond or Coconut Oil For a stimulating and energising blend, try adding Grapefruit , Orange Sweet and Lemon to your blend.

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Nail Care
Castor Oil is an excellent treatment for your nails and cuticles. Massage into nail beds to help protect and strengthen.

Beauty Hack
When added to creams and lotions Castor Oil adds conditioning properties intended to leave the skin soft and smooth.

The brand of my choice for all my products is naissance ,I also love doing the liver detox or for menstrual cramps and for this I create my own castor oil packs, it is said to help with lymphatic drainage and ease cramps and promote gut health. I will do another blog soon on the benefits of castor oil packs for gut health please follow to learn more or to purchase cruelty free vegan friendly certified oils learn more here

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