Familywall calendar the ultimate planning app for busy families less stress & more fun time

Your Family Life can be Simplified with this app its a brillent way to quickly and efficiently arrange your family so there is less stress and more fun time. We had been looking for a calendar so we could know what each other were upto and enabling us to synchronise our busy schedules so not to clash,  we have been using the app for a few weeks and even the youngest at 7 is loving it and finds it’s very easy to use. She can add things to the shopping list and message others in the family too from her ipad.


The shared calendar helps organize everyone’s schedules, activities, and appointments in one place that’s accessible anytime, anywhere. Synchronized with your phone or your favorite calendar, you will never miss a birthday or a special event.

Add events in the calendar which then syncs with phone fitbit & I watch


Never forget a thing & Get things done!

Keep all your lists in one place. Create custom lists that are automatically updated as they get completed, so you know what needs to be done.

Anyone can add to the family shopping list and tick off and delete when completed


Share your Family’s Best Moments

Birthday Party, Holidays, Family Reunion, so many best moments you can share easily and privately with your loved ones. Much better alternative to social media


Where are you?

With Real-Time Location and Safe Zone Alerts, you can see on a map where your kids are and be notified when they arrive at home, school or any favorite safe place.

Track family members where ever they are and also pause when you like


An easy way to communicate with your family

Stay close to those you care about the most with instant messaging. Texts, voice, photos or even videos of your best moments, send whatever you want, privately and securely.

Privately message family members in the circle voice pictures video etc


Create as many private groups as you want

Manage different private groups and keep in touch with your favorite people, like your family, extended family, best friends or even neighbors.

Glolifewellness highly recommends this app its helped our family get organised and closer giving us that work life balance and a bit of fun too



4 comments on “Familywall calendar the ultimate planning app for busy families less stress & more fun time”
  1. Great article on an important topic for those needing to get organised. I can’t wait to share your article with others.


    1. Aww thank you hope will be of help to other families


  2. I’m not sure where I reblogged your article to😁. I was experimenting. Let’s hope it’s out there in the http://WWW.COM space.

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