My cousin is the most inspirational women I know, she emit’s positivity and I want to help her run free

Born in the late 80’s with a condition called

Proximal femoral focal deficiencyProximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD), also known as Congenital Femoral Deficiency (CFD), is a rare, non-hereditary birth defect that affects the pelvis, particularly the hip bone, and the proximal femur.

Little Kels

which ment she had to wear a false leg from the moment she could walk. She has shown nothing but courage throughout her life.

The moment I saw her my youngest cousin when I was 8 years old sat in her yellow baby grow iv had nothing but inspiration. Throughout the years I saw her have operation after operation that made her wheel chair bound and in excruciating pain a lot of the time throughout her childhood but nothing crushed her spirit. Once she set her mind to something she did it.

First time she ran with a borrowed blade

The energy from my cousin is what I can only describe as pure positivity. It just emits from her like a warmth and over the last 30 years shes got me through some of the worst times and helps me put my own life in perspective . Even though she lives in dubai we are still close and speak as often as we can.


I would like to help her complete one of her dreams which is to run, something most of us take for granted and because of the expense of the blades shes been unable, but after having a taste of using one I’m determined with the help of her friends to get her one.

My cousin isnt just an inspiration for myself shes an inspiration to everyone who’s ever felt different and thought sod it I am me.

If you would like to help then her lovely friend Justine has set up a go fund me so she can carry on being the free spirt she deserves to be and keep inspiring everyone she meets