4 Cheeky Skin Saboteurs (and how to minimize their effects on Beauty & Health)

Our skin does not have it easy.

Our lives are filled up with skin saboteurs that threaten us every day from every angle. But.. we can employ lots of internal help to guard us from the inside out. Iv put together 4 main skin saboteurs and how we can minimise these cheeky saboteurs.

1.) The Sun

SPF needed all year even in Manchester

Chilling in the sun can cause trauma. Everytime we get sun burn damage appears on the skin’s DNA which will eventually appear as wrinkles and pigmentation. The risk of skin cancer is also increased so the sun is one saboteur we just cannot ignore. Sun protection every day is a must to protect our skin from the harmful Ray’s and this means winter time and even the terrible Manchester weather too, so an Spf min 30 is essential all year round.

2.) Sugar

Be mindful of sugar intake but dont be militant

Sugar has been under the radar for far too long as harmless and fat was supposed to be our enemy, but it’s now wide out in the open that if we consistently feed our body sugar and fast release carbohydrates a bodily reaction called glycation occurs . Sugar molecules then bind to protein molecules to form an end product called an advanced glycation end (AGE) product. This makes the body put up a defensive position and causes inflammation that causes collegen and elastin to harden, clump up, weaken and break down then this makes wrinkles appear. White sugar and carbohydrates have also been made to trigger outbreaks in acne prone individuals. How ever wholegrain fruits and carbs do not all have the same devastating effects, so their is absolutely no need to become rigid on low carb high fat diets, eating sugar every now and then does not affect our skin. It’s best to just be mindful of the amount of sugar ingested in our diet.

3.) Dirt

Dirt from pollution

Recent reserch has formed connections between air pollutants and inflammatory conditions in the skin, such as rosacea,acne and eczema. The big cities such as Manchester an ex industrial town is full of particles and free radicals. But even those of us who live on the outskirts in places like sale altrincham and hale are still not exempt but dont panic eating beauty foods and using antioxidant rich skin creams rescue city/office skin from trauma.

4.) Stress

Stress is unavoidable but we can reduce it

It’s not in your mind that your skin has gone crazy just before a big event as stress triggers inflammatory processes that may lead to flare ups in some individuals. Then stress can also imbalance hormones creating the sebum production to over produce. Eating real food at least 3x a day and practicing things like yoga and meditation can help ease stressful lifestyles. As we know its impossible to eradicate stress completely.

I hope you like my advice on Skin saboteurs and maybe see some of my recipes for perfect Skin food coming soon.