Mindfulness in mainstream society. And how it can soften our life journey & those around us during Covid 19

Mindfulness can be interpreted differently by different people or even completly over looked as new age nonsense.

Its a great way to keep a log of feelings

It can be used as a stand alone concept or combined with a religion. I don’t practice any religion but I do feel I can pray with a mindfulness component to help me create a calming sence of now. When I still my mind with mindfulness and meditation I can open myself up to push my thoughts into affirmative actions that benefit myself and people around me. Without mindfulness I can become overwhelmed with fear real perceived or otherwise. Which can cripple my growth.

Mindfulness to me is like magic but it has to be practiced regularly to have any real affect, it has to become incorporated into our mainstream life to suit each individuals own journey.

Everyone can use mindfulness to suit their journey

We can all use more mindfulness within our lifes especially with recent times. And we can use it to help us as unique individuals it’s not a one size fits all.

I struggle deeply with hearing ‘bad’ news and can get easily derailed and triggered by it, this is something that has become more prevalent in recent years. It could be from the media with recent or past world affairs or any news my mind perceives as ‘bad’ this can often be crippling for myself and without grounding myself with mindfulness it can have serious impacts if I leave it, and let my fear take me away in my mind.

What do I do to try and combat these feelings? Or rather what should I do!

Staying in the now

So trying to incorporate mindfulness as often as I can to soften and feel through my emotions associated with the ‘bad’ news…. and turn the information I hear to look at it as informative thought provoking and of some benefit, but instead if I don’t step back and turn to mindfulness I can easily get carried away with my thoughts which is anxiety and pain inducing , the complete opposite that we want for ourselves.

Beautiful Mindfulness cards

But if we practice mindfulness and meditation when we get triggered we can then action the information in a positive way to create a better reality for ourselves our partner’s our family and for others.

Also we need to be mindful of what we are putting in our bodies and what we are pushing out and the impact on others.

I’ll be writing more on mindfulness and meditation and similar subjects but if you would like to listen to a free guided meditation see the left side of the blog. A Yoga mat to lay on with a blanket would be ideal but laying on your bed or sat on a chair , just let yourself be comfortable.

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