Following a Pegan diet is so simple, but what exactly is a pegan diet?

A pegan diet is a diet that has been coined by Dr Mark Hymen. It all started when he was on a panel with two doctors one was a paleo advocate and one a vegan cardiologist.

Dr Mark Hyman was sat in the middle and to lighten things up Dr Mark made a joke and said well if you are vegan and you are paleo I must be a pegan and so this is where the pegan diet became. So whats it all about?

We at glolifewellness are proud pegan followers and found that this diet worked for myself my partner and the rest of our family perfectly. We have had many discussions regarding food in our house and often said out loud in heated discussions wtf can we eat because everyone is saying different things , there are so many opinions out there so many dos and don’ts that it even got to the point I was getting food anxiety. That was until I came across Dr Mark Hyman while browsing through Instagram about women’s health. (That’s another subject for another blog) and I realised this was exactly what we were looking for. Dr hyman has also released a new book funnily called WTF should we eat? Which I now have on my kitchen shelf and use all the time for reference for our pegan lifestyle.

So your prob thinking ok then what is this amazing pegan diet?

The pegan diet is actually not really a diet as such! It’s a lifestyle and it helps to put things in perspective so that choosing food is fun and simple because joking aside the best versions of both the vegan and the paleo are built on the same foundation EAT REAL WHOLE FOOD. It’s taken us a while in our family to get used to having meat as the side dish on our plate rather than the societal idea that the veg is the side, but other than that for myself and my family it has been pretty easy to adopt the pegan lifestyle and we feel so much better for it.

In a nutshell Dr Mark hyman has synthesized the best aspects of the vegan and paleo diets and integrated them with the anti-inflammatory and detoxification principles of functional medicine to create a balanced inclusive dietary plan.

The pegan diet is not a quick fix and is recommended to be followed every single day.

There are 13 pillars of the pegan diet which I will skim through but if you want more detail and think that the the pegan lifestyle could work for you check out the book here or you can follow Dr Hyman on facebook Twitter pintrest and instagram for all the info you need on his no nonsense guide to achieving optimal weightloss and lifelong health

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1. Stay away from sugar

2. Eat mostly plants

3. Easy on the fruits

4. Stay away from pesticides, antibiotics , hormones and GMO foods

5. Eat foods containing healthy fats.

6. Stay away from most vegetable nut and seed oils

7. Avoid or limit dairy

8. Think as meat and animal products as condiments

9. Eat sustainably raised or harvested low mercury fish

10. Avoid gluten

11. Eat gluten free whole grains sparingly

12. Eat beans only once in a while

13. Get tested to personalise your approach

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