Face Yoga Method! fun face muscle exercise’s, that minimise signs of ageing without Surgery or Aesthetics

I’ve been using the face yoga method for the last month in lockdown and it really is something! But..What is face yoga? And does it work?

It’s a toughy been in lock down for everyone but especially for us women who have gotten so used to just popping to our local Salon to see our favourite Facialist, Beauty Therapist or Aesthetician, and with lockdown its been harder for some more than others but fear not…

Face yoga is a completely natural alternative to anti-aging remedies. By practicing a series of facial exercises you can learn to tone the muscles beneath the facial skin and increase facial circulation and blood flow which results in a more youthful and radiant complexion.

I’ve came across this ultimate alternative for our face to ease our tension and smooth our worry lines , many would even argue it is actually better and more natural than certain treatments and may prefer to carry it on as an alternative , but I think a combination of treatments along side the face yoga method is the most effective all rounder as it’s like body exercises but for our face.

Where did the Face Yoga Meothod come from?

Well heres a little back story of the inspirational creator of the Face Yoga Meothod, And the event that started it all. And the face behind the face yoga Meothod

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Famiko Takatsu was an American-educated academic living in Japan, teaching English and At 36, still looked pretty great and was convinced her youthfulness was invincible. Then, one day while vacationing in California, she was riding in the passenger’s seat of a car and they got hit at high speed. The impact caused her hip, shoulder, and head to be thrown off-kilter. And she was lucky to be alive.

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Famiko remembers experiencing the shock of a lifetime when she got her driver’s license photo taken after the crash and observed her asymmetrical face. It was difficult to look at herself. She panicked. And started to buy expensive facial creams, lotions and treatments, but none were helping her look young again.

Then one day, she was standing in front of the mirror and realized that if she can exercise her body muscles, She should be able to do the same for her face. That’s when Face Yoga Method was born. After practicing facial exercises for several weeks, people started commenting on her results. They said she looked younger and more aligned, and wanted to learn how to tone their faces too.

Iv read a lot about Famiko and she is a lovely inspirational lady with a beautiful family and fun attitude to life which I felt came across in her story and lessons.

I personally have loved been part of the Yoga Meothod community and find it full of supportive people helping each other and themselves.

Famiko says Confidence isn’t just about the way you look. However, when the person on the inside doesn’t match the reflection you see in the mirror, that disconnect often times can make you feel shy, misunderstood and even embarrassed. And I totally agree

I for one will be continuing my face yoga for many years to come along side healthy eating and my own yoga asana practices and mindfulness lifestyle.

If you are interested in learning more about the Face Yoga Meothod.

So you can tone your face the same way you tone your body! There are over 43 muscles in the face that can be targeted to lift the skin, naturally get rid of wrinkles and brighten the complexion. Famiko has spent over 15 years developing the face yoga meothod and Im loving it and wanted to share it with you. Become part of the Face Yoga Method family and start your journey today by joining one of the online programs!

And the face book group community too.

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