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The Glolifewellness App will be FREE to download

Enjoy 8 free classes to trial then subscribe for only £9.99 to unlock all in-App features. If you want a chance to win a years free subscription join the mailing list here

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Beginner Friendly

Even if you have no yoga experience, Gem’s classes provide clear instruction in a fun laid back style.Start your journey

Fits Your Busy Lifestyle with specific stress relief classes

I know it can be hard to find time for your yoga practice, which is why I created this App to use anytime, anywhere.

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Available On All Devices

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You’ll love my App!

Most of the classes are beginner friendly, and my advanced classes have the option to modify and help to build the skills you need to ease you through your practice. Classes range from 5-60min, and also include Pranayama to ease you in to your practice.

About Gemz

I’m here to help you start a Yoga practice that you’ll enjoy!

Join me on a journey of  judgement free, fun daily YogaPranayama and guided Meditation classes on the App or catch me on Instagram for mini Yoga bursts.

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I'm Gemz, a mother of two amazing little humans that are growing up so fast. I have always been interested in wellness but over the last few years, Iv taken it to the next level and I'm following my dream. Training to be a yoga instructor, have plans to open my own wellness studio and once and for all get my blog and social media sorted out. The time is now

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