The potential good,the definitely bad & the utterly hopeless??? What to do when your relationship is abusive but your not quite ready to give up!

This blog comes after coming across a brilliant book by Pamala Jane which I want to share with you, this book will help you figure things out and put everything in perspective if you find yourself in a toxic relationship, it will enable you to make a more informed decision. Weather you are with a man thats mostly good , good sometimes or hardly ever good or you want to help a women that is then Ditch that jerk will help you decide.

Which path do you take ?

Miss Jayne is a domestic violence expert and has over 15 years experience working with victims and perpetrators and she knows exactly what the difference is between a potentially good man , a definitely bad man and an utterly hopeless one. So if your feeling like you’re flogging a dead horse or if your desparate to know if your relationship has the potential to change this book gives you the knowledge to make the best choices for you.

Why some men change, some men dont and how to tell the difference

The reason I came across this book was because I’d already read the brillient book by Michael Paymar Violence no more and he recommended Jane.

If you have come across this blog then I’m presuming you have been doing some research about your relationship and are at a loss, probably blaming yourself or unsure weather you are the problem, because we know only too well that blame is something that comes very natural to anyone who is toxic and it’s this alone that can keep us trapped in the toxic cycle , Men and Women can be abusive and we all have our moments but this book explains exactly what’s going on within a cycle of an abusive relationship and when to jump ship, it will put your mind at rest deminish the crazy making projection & deflection that abusive people push onto others and explain every tactic under the sun in great detail.

The statistics show and proove that the victims are overwhelmingly women and this is not something we can minimise, although society has come a long way we are not there yet. Noone should have to live in an abusive relationship and be controlled by a partner, living with the threat of chronic mood swings, walking on egg shells incase of anger out bursts and even violence or alcohol abuse a relationship should be your safe space. We all deserve to live a peaceful life free to be ourselves especially within our relationships and for our voice to be heard without been silenced. And remember anger and violence is a choice and it’s always the responsibility of the person doing it, noone else has to change for someone to stop doing abusive things its completly and solely the responsibility of the individual’s no matter how much they try to blame their behaiver on others.

Iv found a taster of the first chapter of the book which will give you an insight weather to carry on, but if you are looking for answers even the first chapter will have you hooked , if you do want to carry on reading you can buy the book here this is the best price I found but if you want to dip your toes in click on the image below

First Chapter

Don’t forget though if you come to the conclusion that you are going to ditch that jerk then remember , there is a lot of work that needs to be done within yourself and why you ended up with someone like this.

We often think we are ok but if we truly valued ourselves we wouldnt think twice about leaving a bad relationship at the first red flag, we would find it easy to just walk away from anyone that’s toxic but sadly so many of us have never been taught to value ourselves and people treat us how we treat ourselves. There are loads more resources on the blog for helping you live your truth and ensure you will never make the same choices again reguarding your relationships, but most importantly understanding your part in the dynamics that keep enabling these types of people.

Good Luck

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