Lindt are to launch a Vegan Dairy FREE chocolate range in November 2020 some good news at last!

Launching this November Lindt & Sprungli will be introducing their vegan milk chocolate bars, it will be part of their hello line.

 Lindt & Sprungli is going to unveil their vegan milk chocolate range ready for Christmas.

Photo From Lindt

With such growing popularity in the vegan lifestyle, the market for vegan chocolates across the globe is in high demand. And with the need for plant-based chocolates that taste just as good as the originals

Lindt is one of the leading chocolate manufacturers and one of my personal favourites; I’m so glad they have joined the list with their new oat milk-vegan chocolate bars. The new range appeals to vegans and pegans, and whatever other new-age name is the buzz word this week.

Photo from Lindt

They will first be Launching in Germany by November, and the new chocolate bars will be a part of the brand’s Hello line they will be available in three mouth-watering favours flavours: Salted CaramelCookie, and Hazelnuts.

They won’t just be dairy-free, they are going to be lactose-free and nut-free too, making them perfect for people who have allergies.

The bars to be sold for approx £2.99 (£3.39) 100-gram bar and what’s even more exciting they will all be wrapped in a new 100% recyclable wrappers.

The chocolate company will also advertise the new range on TV before the launch.

Photo from shutter stock

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