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Nearly a decade ago I decided to teach myself how to sew, I was pregnant with my daughter at the time, and I wanted to get her a customised pram, so I hastily ordered one online, when it came, it had dog hairs on it. The quality was shocking, and I thought maybe I could make one myself. So I got a sewing machine from Costco, and I went about painstakingly creating the foot-muff and pram liner. I didn’t know how to turn on the machine, never mind how to wind a bobbin. I was more than a novice I was utterly clueless to the world of Sewing and Haberdashery.

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Over the months, I taught myself how to sew and was doing OK, and I even managed to create a few items quite quickly. Over the months, I started to grow my brand. By the time I had my daughter I was creating lots of foot-muffs and pram accessories with over 10K organic followers on my Facebook page,

I had customers in Dubai Spain and Australia wanting to order my bespoke branded pram accessories. Then it all came to an end as at the time I was separating from my partner, and they decided that to punish me, they would sabotage my business and put all my stock into storage and held to ransom. I was unable to fulfil my orders. The consequences were that my company didn’t even get off the ground. I found myself with two very young children and was unable to carry on.

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Roll on a decade in the middle of COVID 19 and accounts for fabric and haberdashery still open and unused, I decided to set up Sew Inspirational.

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By now, I was an expert in sewing and haberdashery world and knew where to source all the best products at Oeko-tex standard and have even designed my fabric line ready to launch soon. I’m not sure about others. Still, I found that when I was looking for my haberdashery, all I wanted was plain colours all colours, but it was so hard to get hold of and too many busy patterned bias binding or ribbons when all I wanted was primary colours trims etc. So that’s what I have, all the colours you can think of bias binding ribbon trimming and elastic the basics.
I will be adding more and more as the weeks go by so feel free to check out Sew Inspirational here for you basic Sewing and Haberdashery needs

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