How to ensure your child is measured correctly for a Safety Standard Horse Riding Helmet

My daughter has just started horse riding, and she loves it is an understatement. We are very new to the world of horse riding, and I have never ridden a horse, so I’m clueless, but I am already learning fast.

We started at one local riding school, and I got her a hat online, not once did they mention to me the importance of wearing a hat or give us any guidance on safety at all. My daughter is eight, and I’m clueless remember so, after a few lessons and still no mention of the hat she was wearing each lesson, they decided to hike the prices up even further than £25 per half hour, so I decided to have a look for stables nearer to our home.

I found a lovely stable 10mins drive from us actually in the village I grew up in and never realised it existed. As soon as we walked in the lady said she couldn’t wear that hat!

I asked why, and she said because it is not safe! (she could tell instantly just by looking at it)

Well, bearing in mind this is the 5th lesson now, and no one at the other riding school told us anything about safety or where and what hat to purchase. If I were informed, I would have got my child the correct attire, but I wasn’t.

This lady at the new stables explained that the helmets are the most important thing and that they need to be fitted to the child’s head correctly. It is paramount they are, they also have to be Kitemarked to safety standard PAS:015 2011 for the safety of the rider and for the insurance to be covered at the stable.

I was pretty upset that it appeared this other stables had disregarded the safety of the children riding the horses, so I’m glad I was informed straight, and now I knew that I could make sure my child was protected first and foremost.

I measured my daughters head and purchased the lovely Champion Junior X-Air Dazzle Plus Riding Hat. It fits perfect and shes over the moon with it.

A glittery, ventilated, protective helmet

With a touch of sparkle this chic hat from Champion. Is deep fitting and kitemarked to the safety standard PAS:015 2011 and is approved for use in all UK disciplines except cross country and racing (these require a skull cap with no peak). The ventilation system will keep your head cool whatever the activity level and the padded harness provides a secure fit.

It Features

 Lightweight, injection moulded ABS shell

 Quick-release clip

 Durable, smart synthetic suede finish

 Four-point, padded, synthetic suede harness with rear drawstring

 Highly ventilated airflow system

 Kitemarked to safety standard PAS:015 2011

 Comes with a handy storage bag

 Made in Great Britain

 Available in black, pink and silver.

We say

Its a beautiful helmet and fits very comfortable

It’s Suggested uses are

Everyday riding, lessons, competitions, schooling, hacking, dressage, showjumping.


Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) covered with synthetic nubuck.

And looking after your hat is simple as these riding hats are precision made but they need protecting from extremes of temperatures. They should be allowed to dry naturally when they get wet, and also they must be protected from blows or damage from being dropped.

Clean carefully with a suitable nubuck cleaner.

Here is a simple video guide for getting the correct fit for your head shape

We also got a lovely silicone Riding Crop/ Whip

We chose the lilac one and it has beautiful soft grip squidgy handle

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