It’s so important to save water! Even in Rainy Manchester

It is hard to contemplate that we would ever run out of water living in Manchester. But with climate changes and the population growing, that’s precisely what we are facing. We need to adapt and start saving water. In up to 25 years we may have an “existential threat” which may mean we don’t have enough water to meet the demand, as pointed out to us by the Environment Agency.

The fact is Britain is not as wet, and we like to think it is. Especially living in Manchester which is well known for its rain but this isn’t the big picture. The reality is that some areas mainly the east, are quite dry. Despite what we think, the UK is not as wet as we are led to believe. Our temperate climate brings frequent rain, an average of 133 days totalling 885 millimetres but…

Each individual approximately uses 143 litres of water a day. And a lot of that is waste. We need to be aware of the best ways to save water at home, and we need to make some changes. So how can we save water?

Ten easy ways to save water

  1. 1.)Turn the tap off

 When brushing your teeth turn them off as this can use up to 10 litres a minute. The saving would be huge if everyone did that. Keep an eye on the kids, children are quick learners, and we can make them into water watchers and savers by reminding them to turn off taps and not leave them running and leading by example.

2.) Be mindful Garden lovers.

The hose is a big culprit. If you have to use the hose, then use a trigger nozzle, so it is only using what you need. Try using a water butt to collect rainwater as these are useful. And always Check the weather forecast before using water for the garden.

3.) Maybe change your diet

Food production uses up gallons of water. The Meat and dairy industry are huge water consumers. For example, One glass of milk takes 200 litres. And Growing crops requires a lot less water.

So It’s worth considering vegan values, a plant-based diet like myself, or just reducing meat and dairy in our diets would help.

When we wash fruit and vegetables, instead use a bowl and don’t run them under the tap. Then use the water for your plants. Also Steaming veg is so much better for us, and it uses less water.

We can also reduce our food waste. And using reusable food wrap can keep your fruit and vegetables fresh for longer.

4.)Be mindful about the length of showers.

You could place a bucket in your shower to catch surplus water, to use on the plants, or having shorter showers as this will save water.

Showers save so much water than baths, and knocking even 1 minute off shower time can save around 7 litres of water. And another thing is a water-saving shower-head. If you use an eco-friendly shower puff, this lathers up the soap quicker, making it faster to wash and also saving on the product.

Eco Friendly Shower Puff

5.)Let’s talk about toilets

A 3rd of UK water is used for flushing the toilet. Reducing this will go a very long way in saving water?

Think about replacing old fashioned toilets with a more eco-friendly dual flush. Greywater or rainwater toilet flushing systems are an idea too.

But if you cannot afford this, pop a bottle filled with sand into the toilet cistern. This then displaces the water and less water used with the flushing. And always put rubbish in a bin, don’t flush it down the toilet.

6.)Get leaks fixed

Leaks are a colossal waste of water. From dripping taps to leaky toilets so go around the home checking and then fixing any leaks, as most are simple to set. A dripping faucet often needs a new washer. Check outside too around your property, and let your water supplier know if you spot any as they can investigate for you.

7.)Always do full washing loads

Washing machines and dishwashers are somewhere you can save water, you can save water with energy-efficient models, but if this isn’t the case ensure, they are full before switching on and always use the shorter cycle or eco one if possible.

If you are washing by hand, don’t leave the tap running when rinsing always use a bowl.

8.) Invest in a water filter 

Most of us probably run the tap for a few seconds to make it is cold before filling the glass. If you get a water jug or filter, then you can run straight away and pop in the fridge. 

Saving water is something we can all contribute and form new water-saving habits.

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