Switch to Silk Pillow case’s for your health/mind & body

Helps to keep your facial skin plump and healthy. 

Our faces have contact with the fabric of our pillow more than wearing a mask. So, if you want your face looking radiantly fresh, its essential your choice in pillowcase is paramount—more below about what a silk pillowcase can do for our facial skin.

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Helps to retain moisture within. 

Silk is well known to keep moisture close to our skin and may help our skin stay hydrated way more than other fabrics such as cotton which can dry pull and drag on the skin. Sleeping on Silk is the perfect option for helping our skin maintain its natural moisture balance. We can also save money on expensive creams as it retains the moisture in our face, and enhanced by using silk pillowcases.  

Reduce your chemical exposure. We are regularly exposed to chemicals, but we can reduce exposure during our night’s sleep because silkworms produce Silk in captivity. They have no baddie predators to defend against and pampered their whole lives. They make a fine silk fibre with little to none chemical exposure. And in comparison to other fabrics used for pillowcases, and produced using chemically treated crops using pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. So I feel this is a great reason to switch to Silk.

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They are Hypoallergenic. 

Silks hypoallergenic property is its natural resistance to fungus, dust mites, and moulds, including many more allergens.

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Silk is also perfect for our Hair & Anti-ageing. Snoozing on a silk pillowcase can help our skin stay plump and smooth and may help in the reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its also prevents our hair from drying out and knotting up and is especially beneficial to people who have curly hair to prevent frizzing and knots in children’s hair.

Silks hypoallergenic property is its natural resistance to fungus, dust mites, and moulds, including many more allergens

Its a beautiful experience sleeping on Silk. 

Sometimes we treat ourselves to make ourselves feel better, and this is one treat or gift to give to yourself and others. There is no other feeling than laying down at the end of the day and placing your head on a silk pillowcase. The soft, smooth and luxurious feel of Silk against our skin all night is luxurious. Iv slept on Silk for a few years now and when iv, not iv noticed the difference instantly in my skin and quality of sleep too.

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No more bed head and split ends. 

Do you get fed up of waking up with knots and frizz, Sleeping on silk pillows helps to prevent this? The natural silk properties, and the smooth surface it creates, help reduce friction on our hair which causes the damage, such as split ends. I cannot recommend enough the benefits on our hair.

Very easy to care for and wash. The silk cases can be popped in the washing machine, and they can even go in the dryer, so you don’t need to worry about going to the dry cleaners.

They are great value too. There is no one fabric in the world that is more luxurious than Silk. Getting a good nights sleep is continuously recommended for optimal health, so we know how important it is to invest in our sleep. This is just one easy, simple way to do just that along with all the other benefits that come with a silk pillowcase too.

My daughter has been sleeping on Silk since she was a baby and Iv just converted my 67-year-old mum too, and shes bought some for her friends who love them. 

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