Open letter to White people! Covert Racism has to be tackled and that starts by understanding what ‘Privilege’ really is!

I have never witnessed so much Covert & Overt racism in these last few years of my life, I dont know if it’s because I was sitting on my safe fence in my suburbia bubble and turning a blind eye or because I’m waking up to the bullshit all around me and my family. It’s time to speak up, something I should of done a long time ago but didn’t know how.

I’m shocked by the memes jokes comments and downright racism that comes out of peoples mouths some of whom I pathetically called my colleagues and friends until a few days ago .

Unlike George and some of my family members the majority of us will never experience racial profiling or be treated brutally by the police. The chances of someone calling the police on me a 5ft3 White Girl and telling them ” I’m in fear for my life.” because I told them to put a lead on their dog in a public park is so unlikely but If someone did, it would most likely be met with laughter—not guns, harrassment and most certainly not death.

Actor Will Smith said, “Racism isn’t getting worse. It’s getting filmed and isnt that the truth.”

Something we all need to do is look inside ourselves and reflect, and take action not just think oh that’s sad what a shame but do nothing. In the words of Jane Elliot we need to do more

We dont know anything about racism. Weve never experienced it. If words can make a difference in your life for seven minutes, how would it affect you if you heard this every day of your life? -jane elliot when she did her blue eye brown eye experiment to expose racism

I will not sit here in silence another day and neither should you because silence is a major part of the problem and white people saying nothing at all by turning a blind eye or saying things like all lives matter too isnt anti racist its enabling racism to continue

Research shows the overwhelming majority of bystanders witnessing a racist incident, joke or comment will remain silent and do nothing , mainly out of fear or helplessness or complete shock but it’s just not an excuse anymore.

The latest of many to hit the headlines in the UK is the treatment of George Floyd

An unarmed Black man, who died while in police custody. Some privileged white people think it’s a joke and something they can mock or excuse because of his past etc which I find completely unacceptable and not the point . I am a white female and often feel triggered by these incidents , but my privilage allows me to turn a blind eye when I feel like it , and as a mother to 2 black children it is time I stopped hiding in a bubble and got my arse off my privileged fence and opened my mouth about what is going on and what continues to go on and on in America, the UK and right in front of my face on a weekly basis.

There’s so much I want to say about this topic, and so much pain in my heart to express, and yet it’s challenging for me to do because I have often felt scared to even share my thoughts but boo f**king hoo. I have a voice a strong one and I need to use my privilege to educate others and expose every day racism

It’s time white people got off the fence #allieslistenandspeakout

We all have blood on our hands because the silence, bubbledom, fence sitting is condoning what has been going on for 100’s of years , racism is not over It’s on us to demand justice and that doesn’t happen by any of us sitting quietly and saying well I’m not racist.

This is just one instance of this type of treatment which has gone viral of Floyd pleading for his life, saying, “I can’t breath they’re going to kill me.” It shows Floyd, handcuffed and pinned facedown on the pavement, with a white police officer’s knee on the back of his neck in the middle of the day.

The disgusting footage has caused outrage and a call for justice throughout the entire world, We are in the UK and Protesters have taken to the streets, demanding the officers involved be charged accordingly, something Floyd’s family is peacefully requesting as well Here

But all this wont create any change without action ,There are numerous ways to stay informed and take solidarity action that can help create the shift. Here are some anti-racist teachers, leaders, organizations, and resources you can learn from and support:

Please use #allieslistenandspeakout on all your social media so we can spread awareness and use our voices as allies without disrupting other movements

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1. Anti-Racism resources for white people.

2. Guidelines for what people of color want from white allies.

3. Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates

4. Talking to Strangers by Malcom Gladwell

I myself will keep empowering my black children and supporting my black family and friends activly and and carefully choosing the energy around us more wisely . What are you going to do ?

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