“Helping you to fall in love with the life you already have!”

In 2014 Gemz got out of a ten-year toxic relationship and went looking for answers within.
Instead of turning bitter from domestic abuse, she turned to positivity and productivity.
Gemz is a single mum to two beautiful children. She has dedicated her life to finding peace physically and emotionally and strives for alignment in both this blog shares all of her encounters with you, and you can join her ongoing journey.
Gemz trained as a cosmetologist at age 16, had her brand by 27 and is now training to be a Yoga teacher with plans to open a Yoga and Functional Health Studio in 2021.
With Gemz 30’s coming to an end, she is determined to turn her pain into purpose, educating others about the importance of living a life based on truth and alignment. All of which is not easy to do. And to never give up on ourselves.
Gemz knows that our mental health and physical health is determined by what we put in and on our body and the energy we allow around us.
She’s advocating for individuals to help them make more informed choices when shopping for beauty products, functional health and free yoga classes for beginners.

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