Jackfruit Potato Curry quick easy and nutritious

This recipe is one of our favourites its jam packed with nutrients and is a simple dish that all the family enjoy, you can substitute with chicken or lamb if you wish We use Biona Jackfruit here Jackfruit Potato Curry Vanderhaer Veggie Jackfruit Curry 2 tbsp coconut oil (extra virgin)2 tbsp Curry Powder1 tsp Paprika1 … Continue reading Jackfruit Potato Curry quick easy and nutritious

Veggie BBQ Jackfruit Burgers

In this twist on the recipe we have added BBQ Sauce until it becomes sticky, popped it on some burger buns, added cheddar cheese and little gem lettuce. Jackfruit Growing In India Photo by Charly Grace on Unsplash Jackfruit is a spiky fruit originating in southern India. It has a meaty texture and cooked correctly many people use … Continue reading Veggie BBQ Jackfruit Burgers